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The Essex-based course will play host to both the men’s and women’s Olympic Mountain Bike competitions on the 11 and 12 August 2012, with a total of 80 cyclists competing for two gold medals.

The venue encompasses farmland owned by The Salvation Army called Hadleigh Farm and the adjacent Country Park, and the open hillside setting will offer challenging gradients for riders as well as superb viewing opportunities for spectators.


Construction of the 5km course – which features 500 tonnes of rock – began in July 2010, and was ready in time for the test event that was scheduled to take place this July 2011.

Essex County Council are currently developing a legacy plan detailing how the venue will be used after the 2012 Games.

Because of a security lock down in that local area it is not possible to operate the amateur Radio Station there , so we have decided to use another site which is still in Castle Point at the bottom of the Benfleet downs looking up to  the site from the other side of Benfleet Creek .



All QSLs via bureau only via G4RSE, eQSL via GB1HF









GB1HF Special Event Station for the Olympic Games 2012

27th July to 23rd August.  The Station will be operated at various times and days during the 28 days on all modes and bands.


The Hadleigh Farm venue will host the London 2012 Mountain Bike competition.