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…Club Meeting Apr  11 Talk by Peter Onion, G0DZB “Using the Raspberry Pi in Amateur Radio.”  ……. Our 1st Field event will be on May 14 with National Mills Weekend GB2RWM at Rayleigh Windmill , “Windmills On The Air”…………

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 International Space Station Contact’s

Furtherwich Park and Winter Gardens School

We have arranged two School contact’s with the International Space Station the first in 2005 with Students from Furtherwick Park School and another in 2014 with Students from  Winter Gardens Primary School , both on Canvey Island if you are interested in a contact for your School please get in touch.

Amateur Radio Foundation Licence

Congratulations to all Foundation Candidates on passing SEARS Nov/Dec 2016 course  well done to all! The Course starting on 21st April is now closed The next course will be later in the year.

  The Foundation License course is conducted by our RSGB approved & trained instructors and are members of the Exam Question writing team.
If you would like to be on the next training course Please contact the training team for more details at training@southessex-ars.co.uk


Special Event

Field Stations

Our next  Field event will be on May 14 with National Mills Weekend GB2RWM at Rayleigh Windmill , “Windmills On The Air” GB2RWM, then on June 18th at the Bay Museum GB2BM, for “Museums on the Air”, June 24th Armed Forces day at the Paddocks, 25th June “Museums on the Air” from RAF Boxted GB2BOX then on 30th July  “Airfields on the Air” GB2BOX from RAF Boxted.


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The Southgate Amateur Radio Club Site

 Club Meeting

14 March

Our club meeting on March 14th was a talk with Peter Walters from W&S “SteppIR and other antennas.” SteppIR is range of Yagi and vertical antennas that have the unique ability to be remotely tuned, precisely to your operating frequency. This results in an extremely low VSWR, no matter where you operate within the frequency range of the antenna. Our next meeting on April 11 is a Talk by Peter Onion, G0DZB “Using the Raspberry Pi in Amateur Radio.”  

The South Essex Amateur Radio Society

(The Canvey Radio Club)  for over the last 32 years we have run the very successful Canvey Radio Rally, the club was Founded in 1982, we meet at 19:00hrs on the Second Tuesday of the Month. Meetings are held at our new venue at  The White House, Kiln Road, Benfleet SS7 1BU Map and more info

Club Meetings

SEARS Mission Statement

1. To promote and further the practice of Amateur Radio in South East Essex.

2. To provide education and training as required in the community and amongst our members in radio communication, telegraphy, and electronics.

3. To participate in community events where our aims are mutually compatible, such as are organised for Museums, Scouting, Windmills, etc.

4. To conduct Amateur Radio associated social events for our own members and interested members of the public.

5. To ensure a continuous supply of licensed and experienced operators available to help front line services in the event of a major emergency.

32nd Canvey Radio &

Electronics Rally

Was  on the 5th February 2017 At the Paddocks Community Centre,  Canvey Island , This year we made a £100 donation to  ESSEX CW Club to help with their work promoting CW/Morse code , more information can be found here .Thank you to everyone that came along and made it another successful year we will be back next year for our 33rd Rally  on 4th February 2018.

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