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The South Essex Amateur Radio Society

(The Canvey Radio Club)  for over the last 30 years we have run the very successful Canvey Radio Rally, the club was Founded in 1982, we meet at 19:00hrs on the Second Tuesday of the Month. Meetings are held at our  venue at Swans Green Hall  in Hart Road ,corner with The Rundels , Thundersley,  SS7 3PE.  Map and more info >>>

Latest Amateur Radio News Stories from the Southgate Amateur Radio Club Site

We have been in progress of organizing another  Contact with the International Space Station as we did in 2005, with Students from Furtherwick Park School ,Canvey Island,   More>>   

this time its Winter Gardens Primary School , Canvey Island    the day has now been comfirmed it will be the 23rd September  2014 contact time is 11:37 bst with   Alexander Gerst, the ESA Astronaut on board the ISS  changes may still occur if there are any emergences on the station . More >>>

The 30th Canvey Radio & Electronics Rally  will be on the 1st February 2015  At the Paddocks Community Centre, Long Road, Canvey Island , hope to see you all at next years event.

This years Pictures here >>>

On  September 9 th we had a Talk by Justin from Innovantennas one of the world's top antenna designers. A excellent talk on all you wanted to know about designing antennas thanks to everyone that came along, nice to see new and old faces  during the break Free Tea and Coffee is always  available.   More>>>

our next meeting  will be on 14 October Station on Air and Show and tell evening.

Our Next  Event  will be  our School ISS contact between 22 and 28 September then on  27th September Canvey Community Archive Open Day  at the war Memorial Hall, Canvey island.

Then on  18 or 19 October the  57th Jambrore on the Air  with the  Canvey Island Scouts GB2CIS.

Five times during  August  we operated   from the Island Yacht Club , Canvey island with GB2HB remembering the crash of the two B17s that collided only a couple hundred yards from our operating site weather was great and HF conditions were excellent 422 contacts were made into 41 country's More >>>